2017-2018 Match Schedule

Varsity = Best wrestler at each weight class no matter what grade in school

JV= Everyone onthe team who is not on the varsity team

**Basically the coaching staff has them attend tournaments at their level. Some kids are varsity level, but not starters, we'll still send them to varsity tournaments on the weekends. Some kids are varsity starters, but not true varsity level, we'll send them to JV tournaments on the weekend.

Girls = Girls tournaments currently have no varsity or jv levels, all girls wrestle in the same brackets whether or not it's their first year or fifth year wrestling. Some girls reach a high level and the girls tournaments are not challenging enough, so we may send that type of girl to a boys JV tournament.

Stay in touch with your wrestler to know which tournament they are attending on the weekend.In most cases it will be consistentand you'll just know.