4th - 6th grade Team - Scots Club Tournament Schedule

Scots ClubSchedule 2015 - 2016

**Bold print = Carnegie Team + Scots Club Team (Coach Matt & Toby will be there)

**Regular print = extra tournaments (SAWA), coach may or may not be there, but you can go

**Italicized print = Novice level (beginners level mostly). Coach Toby will be there. We want all our 4th - 6th graders club kids to go to these.

Dec. 12 Capital City Classic Del Campo HS

Dec.18 Casa Roble Tournament (SAWA)at Casa Roble HS

Dec.31 No Guts, No Glory Tournament (SAWA)at Hardwood Palace

Jan. 7 Oakmont Tournament at Oakmont HS

Jan. 9 El Dorado Hills JV tournament at Sunby School

Jan. 14 Bella Vista Winter Classic Bella Vista HS

Jan. 15 Bella Vista Tournament (SAWA) Bella Vista HS

Jan. 30 Del Campo Challenge JV Tournament Del Campo HS

Jan.29 SAWA Championships at Hardwood Palace

Feb.4 Orangevale Tournament at Casa Roble HS

Feb.5 Casa Roble Tournament (SAWA) Casa Roble HS

Feb. 12 St. Valentine's Massacre (SAWA) at Vacaville HS

Feb.19 Sierra College Tournament (SAWA) at Sierra College


Coach Toby Harris (916) 792 - 9224 toharris@sanjuan.edu

**Anything listed above with "SAWA" is an event that requires a USA Card. You should bring a copy of your card to all tournaments just in case.

**All SAWA tournaments are by 1) age and 2) weight, but no varsity/jv divisions

**SAWA tournaments are available to all, but will not necessarily have a coach in attendance. Announcements will be made that week at practice if a coach will be there.

**Non-SAWA tournaments are divided in JV (beginner) and Varsity (Advanced)

**Non-SAWA tournaments are middle school tournaments, but they allow younger kids to participate.