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10-5- 17

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This coming weeks workout schedule: Monday, Oct.9 we will lift weights AND wrestle, so 3:15 - 5:10pm. The same with Wednesday, Oct. 11.We have a faculty meeting on Tuesday, so we will not have a Tuesday workout; just Monday and Wednesday 3:15 - 5:10pm.

Dead Period: Monday, October 16 starts the dead period for wrestling. What this means is that we can no longer teach wrestling, but we can still lift weights and run. So our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday workout schedule will still go on, just no wrestling on Tuesday and Wednesday.Workout times will change to 3:15 - 4:30 starting October 16. Up until then is the same.

Fall Tournaments have started: read below for information.

The Friday, Sept. 15 fundraiser: The BV Class of 77 fundraiser will officially bring into our wrestling program nearly $10,000!!!! We are extremely grateful for the generosity of the Class of 1977. They came to us and asked if we'd like to be a part of this, all we had to do was show up and sell some raffle tickets. Really an amazing thing. We will now order our girls wrestling team their own gear, and also purchase some new gear for the boys team.

Fall Tournaments: On this site under "schedules", "Fall Tournaments" are the local fall wrestling tournaments anyone can attend. You must have a USA Card for 2018 (purchase online at These tournaments are pre-register only each week, so go to and scroll down to the tournament for that week to sign-up. Must sign-up by 8pm Saturday night to enter.

Fall Training Starts Tuesday, September 5th: Each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be weight training from 3:15 - 4:00pm. Each Tuesday and Wednesday will be wrestling practice (after weight training) from 4:00 - 5:00pm. This will start and run all the way to the start of wrestling the first week in November.

Skin Issues - Important to read this: We've had some wrestlers go to various camps this summer and two or three wrestlers picked up skin infections. Once again, we clean our mats each practice, but I can't speak for other schools. During our season I provide skin protectant as well, so we're usually good on this stuff. Here is the part you need to hear...while your childs care is 100% up to you, I would like you to understand that "in general" your pediatrician specializes and spends most of their time dealing with little kid issues. Wrestling skin issues are unique - ringworm, impetigo, staph, even herpes you can catch anywhere, they are more prevelent in wrestling. Our team doctor (Dr. Martin) is very experienced in wrestling skin issues and injuries. Dr. Martin will see any BV wrestler for free and give you his opinion; see him AND your doctor, but see him as part of your wrestlers care if you think there is a possibility of a skin issue - early detection and prevention makes this a much more manageable thing. My bottom line advice: 1) Have your sport physical with Dr. Martin at the BV physicals nights so that you're on file with him and he can help you if you'd like. 2) While I provide skin protection products during the season, you might purchase some for the off season as protection. Skin infections do NOT have to be a regular part of wrestling, you should go your whole career and not have one; but protecting yourself from one should be a regular thing. This includes 1) skin protection in advance of practice and competition, 2) shower as soon as possible after wrestling, 3) clean clothes to each practice.

Below: Wrestlers who attended the Gerry Abas Camp

Summer Camp Results: We just got done with our 3 dual meet camps. In 9 calendar days we had 7 days of wrestling - tons of experience. The following wrestlers did all 7 days: Vince Olivera, Andy Olivera, Taylor Arendt, Eli Morgan, Matt Yang, Nathaniel Woods, Tyler Maples, Dylan Maples and Dalton Lee. They all wrestled from a low of 15 matches to a high of 28 matches in those 7 days! FYI -a normal high school regular season the wrestlers will get about 25 - 35 matches, so you can see they got nearly a whole season of experience! I saw great strides. Incoming freshman were able to get some of their "junior high moves" out of their system and wrestle more "solid", which will help them win high school matches. In junior high most kids aren't that skilled, so even if you're good, wrestlers tend to win with moves that won't work in high school because they don't have to be as skilled (because most opponents aren't that good). Eli Morgan wrestled the best in his life - all attack, and attack until he scores. He got lots of matches using this style, so now he's developed a good "habit". Taylor Arendt really came along; he found some "go to" skills he can use in different situations, so that made him better by itself. Matt Yang wrestled many really high level kids and he showed that he can flat out wrestle with everybody! I could go on, but everybody really got better, which was the goal.

Wrestlers who attended the Ponderosa Camp June 19-21

Bella Vista wrestlers who attended the Folsom Team Camp June 16-17

**All the Summer Practice and Match Schedules are now on this site under "Schedules"

**NEW: A "Summer Match Night League" has now been started with local high schools. Free live matches to anyone that goes. The schedule for these is located on the "Wrestler" section of this website under "off season workout plan".

**Congratulations to Charlie & Ralphene Lee: The Bella Vista wrestling coach from 1962 - 1984 (Charlie Lee) and his wife Ralphene (pairings master at the Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea were inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame this past weekend. They already belong to the California Wrestling Hall of Fame (along with son David Lee). Obviously a huge recognition for their contributions to wrestling - especially Bella Vista and Sacramento. We had "Bella Vista Greats" from many generations in attendance Saturday night. In this picture are4 past state champions, 2 state finalists, 5 state medalists, and one coach who's teams have won 22 United States Grappling Championships.

**Summer weight training will resumeon Monday, June 26. Monday thru Thursday each week.

**BV Summer Camp: Saturday, July 22 we will be hosting Gerry Abas NCAA All-American and national finalist here at BV. Cost is $10 for a one day, six hours of instruction, camp. Save the date.

**Tentative Off Season Workout Plan is on this site under the "wrestler" section.

**Hotels for the season: Our team travel agent (Katrina Ferland) is now working her own job full time. She can still book hotel rooms for parents, but she will not be able to return your calls or book your rooms until she's home at night or weekends. So leave a message and she'll take care of you. Her number is 765-1190. Email:


**If you are a varsity parent, the team will be staying at hotels booked by our travel agent Katrina Ferland. You will want to call her and book your own room at the same hotel for trips that you will be attending. Katrina's number is 765-1190 or email

**If you've got a wrestler that would like to become a top wrestler, go to "Wrestlers" on this site under "You want to be a champion wrestler". It all starts there! Then continues on with alot of time, effort and energy towards being the best.

**Scholarship Requirements: Division I schools now have new high school core classes that must be taken to be eligible for scholarships, they are as follows: 4 yrs English, 3 yrs Math (Algebra 1 or higher), 2 yrs Natural/Physical Science (one lab), 1 yr of additional English/Math/Physical Science, 2 yrs of Social Science, 4 yrs of additional core courses (any of the above areas or foreign language, non-doctrinal religion/philosophy).

**If you have general questions, or want to let me know that your wrestler will be missing practice, email me at

**Tax Write Off: If you have a prize to donate, or have gotten a prize from a company, I have a letter with our tax exempt ID# on it that can be used to "write off" the donation for tax purposes. Just email me that you need the letter and I'll get it to you.